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Welcome to the Trilogy of COURAGE Podcast Series

G’day, welcome to my podcast series – The Trilogy of COURAGE, where you’ll learn the 3 C’s to Live Life, Love Life and Be Your Best Resilient Self.

My name is Pix Jonasson, Host of The Couragepreneur Podcast.

In this series, we’ll talk about how to have Courage, how to Connect and how to Communicate.

Why is this important? 

I don’t like seeing people not realizing their potential because of either:


1. A lack of awareness or knowledge. I want to fill in these knowledge gaps for you; or

2. They believe things to be true that are quite simply false. I want to explain the truth about what your life can be like and how to create it.


My ultimate massive purpose and goal here for sharing the 3 C’s to Live Life, Love Life and Be Your Best Resilient Self is to make a positive impact and influence on something that occurs worldwide and is the leading cause of death for people aged between 15 and 44 in Australia.


And, that’s SUICIDE.


We also have a high rate of suicide attempts. 

For every death by suicide in Australia, it’s estimated that there are 30 attempts made.  

Tragically, my own nephew died by suicide around Christmas 2015. His passing fuels my passion for making a difference in my life, my family’s life and globally!


Not being COURAGEOUS or resilient leads to poorer mental health, something I am personally extremely passionate about.

Which is why I started my podcast and created this special 3-part series, which also includes: 

  • Podcast Series: Find out how to have more courage, how to connect, and how to communicate even better;
  • Resource 1: Want to know just how courageous you are? Take the COURAGEOUS U Checklist;
  • Resource 2:  Want to go from just surviving to absolutely thriving to COURAGEOUSLY Live Life, Love Life and Be Your Best Resilient Self?  Take the Quiz to how to be the Victor, the Winner, the Warrior.
  • Resource 3:  Have fun with the COURAGE Word Find too.

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    With love and gratitude,

    Pix Jonasson
    The Couragepreneur

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