50: The COURAGE to be a Mongrel – TIM HEWSON


I first knew of Tim Hewson when I connected with some of the men from Mongrels Men at my local beach in Dee Why (NSW). Not long after I was introduced to Tim, I then attended The Story Room, in Brookvale (NSW) in early March 2024.

After seeing the positive impact possible in men firsthand when building the Mongrels Men mental health charity from scratch, Tim decided it was time to turn the dial up on men’s mental health and broaden the impact he can have on men’s wellbeing.

He knows too many men stay silent and don’t get professional help when they need it.

He believes blokes need to get better at having more meaningful conversations, checking in on one another and having the tough conversations about mental health and wellbeing.

Tim motivates hundreds of men to get out of bed, outdoors, moving and connecting with other men in their local community each week.

Tim is the founder and volunteer Director of Mongrels Men, a charity on a mission to improve men’s mental and physical health & wellbeing through community, conversation, connection and movement.

In less than 3 years, Tim has grown Mongrels Men from a couple of blokes running up and down Dee Why beach sharing their challenges to a registered charity with 16 volunteers running more than 800 programs and activities for thousands of men each year across 13 NSW & QLD locations.

Along the way Tim and Mongrels Men have won awards from Australian Men’s Health Forum, Westfield, LG Electronics and ING (Bank Australia Limited). Tim was also recently recognised in NSW State Parliament for his contribution to improving men’s mental health. 

Tim is also the founder of Betterment which creates opportunities for authentic conversations via informative, thought provoking and practical keynote presentations and workshops.

The Betterment experience is designed to ensure participants walk away better informed about mental health with some simple actionable tips to improve self-care and wellbeing.

And remember, U are COURAGEous.

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Email:                            tim@bettermentco.com.au and mongrelsmen@gmail.com 
LinkedIn:                       linkedin.com/in/timhewson1
Facebook:                     tim.hewson.92
Instagram:                    @tim_hewson
City:                                Sydney, Australia

To find out more about Tim, go to: mongrelsmen.com