2: The COURAGE to go from Suicide to Smiles – MICHAEL RAY

The COURAGE to go from Suicide to Smiles

Michael Ray is the founder of Smile Project Louisville, an organization created to affect attitude and behaviours through smiling with strangers.

As the oldest of 7, Michael has seen life take many twists and turns.

After 20+ years in the tumultuous mortgage industry, the death of a child, the challenges of a non-verbal special needs daughter and divorce, this father of 4 acted on a once dreamt desire of inspiring others through small acts.

You can find Michael’s daily encounters with total strangers on several social media platforms with active followers all over the world.

He has been on numerous podcasts, news stories, radio stations and has recently ventured into public speaking.

Listen in today as Michael shares his COURAGEOUS journey of moving ahead after wanting to end the pain and suffering he was facing, but then saw the beauty, strength and power of a smile and random acts of kindness.

This leap of faith has since turned into Smile Project Louisville.