28: The COURAGE to See By Vision Not By Sight – AMANDA HEAL

There is a “VISION” theme again in this week’s podcast as I have the honour and privilege to interview the inspiration Amanda Heal, who is totally blind. I met Amanda through my wonderful podcast Mentor, Annemarie Cross. Amanda is the sort of person who, if you tell her she can’t do something, will usually find a way. You may not think that is a big deal, but she has been totally blind since birth, so what you might find easy often creates challenges for her that she overcomes.

Amanda has made a number of television appearances, including appearing on ABC News (Australia), 60 Minutes and The Midday Show (Australia). She has also done quite a number of radio interviews.

As a speaker, Amanda uses her life experiences to inspire and encourage audiences to take courageous action to overcome the challenges that keep them stuck so they can reach their full potential in work and life.

“See by vision, not by sight.”
~ Amanda Heal ~

Listen in to hear how Amanda’s inspires and encourages both sighted and non-sighted men and women with her journey of living in a blind world.

To find out more, go to: https://purposevisionfuture.com

And remember, U are COURAGEous.

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amandaheal
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amanda.heal.9
Email: amanda@amandaheal.com.au
Website: https://purposevisionfuture.com
City: Canberra, ACT, Australia