41: The COURAGE to Be Kinds – PIX JONASSON

I thought I would share something personal that I recently experienced. I connected with an elderly lady, Alex, who I see most days in the supermarket complex, above which I live. I see her typing away on her laptop so today I introduced myself, had a brief chat with her as she explained she was working on human rights. Then Alex shared a little with me about her journey. She lost her home through no fault of her own at 64 and now lives in public housing. Sickeningly, Alex had an awful experience, with her ex-husband, a former teacher, Her ex had intercourse with a 12 year old girl, got her pregnant and went ahead with the pregnancy AND HE GOT OFF! So I wanted to put a little kindness in her day as she powers away on her human rights activism work in the supermarket complex. I came up to my unit and went back down to Alex with a cup of tea in a fine china cup and a biscuit, for which she was extremely grateful.

“Be a voice for others who can’t or won’t speak about child sexual abuse.”

I hope to be the voice for others who can’t or won’t speak about child sexual abuse and other tough topics. As a mentor and friend of mine, Siimon Reynolds, once told me…..”the heart that gives, gathers!” Well, through my random act of kindness today with Alex, my heart definitely gathered. Thankyou Alex. I know we will definitely keep in touch. And remember, U are COURAGEous. To hear my interviews, search for The COURAGEpreneur on your fave podcast host: Apple, iHeart Radio, Spotify etc. To access the BONUS 3 Part Podcast Series for The COURAGEpreneur podcast, go to: https://pixjonasson.com/podcastseries

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