In this week’s episode, I am absolutely stoked to interview someone who is all about, you guessed it, COURAGE.  I connected with today’s guest Patrick Meniboon, courtesy of a mutual LinkedIn friend, Steve Donofrio, and more recently we both shared the online stage, with 49 others for The Soulful Exploration’s 24 Hour Confluence, Tribe Ripples: Many Heartbeats, One Rhythm. (Thanks Anu and DC!)

Patrick is “The Courage Hacker”.  He is a Self-Mastery strategist, author of the upcoming book “Becoming Unmesswithable”, working with organizations and legacy-driven individuals who want to master the #1 skill of courage to disarm their insecurities on demand and catapult their confidence, influence, and impact.

From a stuttering child to a high school class valedictorian to being named a district finalist in the 2015 Toastmaster World Championship of Public Speaking, Patrick challenged himself with what seemed like an impossible goal: overcome his insecurities around stuttering, enter the toughest industry in the world, and become a professional speaker.  And proudly, that’s what he does now.

“Fractional distillation of Courage” ~ Patrick Meniboon~

Listen in to hear how Patrick passionately explains what courage is, how you “feel” courage and becoming unmesswithable.  Patrick says courage happens to you, for you and through you.

To listen in to Patrick’s interview, go to: https://pixjonasson.com/32-the-courage-to-be-the-courage-hacker-patrick-meniboon/

And remember, U are COURAGEous.

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